The Right to Know
How to defend oneself from security services; how government abridges the right to information; how to behave being searched. Here are the most important stories and guides from the Team 29.
About us
The Team has picked up the baton from the Freedom of Information Foundation that had been defending the rights for information access for ten years before the Ministry for Justice of Russia marked it as a "foreign agent" NGO. The Foundation has now suspended its activities and the Team 29 has risen to defend the right to information.

29 is the number of the Russian Constitution article providing the right to freely look for, receive, transmit, produce and distribute information.

What you may need it for? For instance, to learn history of your country (up to now, many historical facts are still hidden in secret archives). Or to avoid unexpected criminal persecution for state secret disclosure. Or to avoid excessive payments for municipal utilities caused by incorrect data at your housing company's website.

We work to assist individuals, journalists, and organizations to defend in courts their rights provided by the Constitution, Article 29. For instance, our lawyers contested in the Supreme Court the Presidential Decree classifying information on military personnel losses. Also, they defend the historians' right to access to archives of Soviet security bodies, and fight for your right to know what your municipal unit spends money for.

If you have known us as the Freedom of Information Foundation, please stay in touch. If you learn of us for the very first time, you are welcome.
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